RFID Live Brings New Products and Solutions

by Airbus on their experiences with the implementation of RFID technology in the assembly process of their airplanes.

 Some of the more interesting products or applications included:

    An RFID equipped Segway - on display at the American RFID Solutions booth, and piloted by Tom Rakowski.  This device was requested by the customer to facilitate taking inventory.    I don't think it could get any easier (or more fun) to inventory a warehouse than to ride through it on a Segway.     

   Minaturized jewely RFID tags - this was shown in the Tagsys booth.   Developed by Tagsys engineers, for a French jewelry company, the RFID tags are embedded in those little white price tags normally seen attached to jewelry in a display case.    Taking inventory means simply walking past that display case with a wand that will read all those tags.   Hundreds of items can be processed in just a few minutes!     An RFID reader is used at the point of sale  to capture those codes and send the information to the stores point of sale system.

    RFID/Barcode reader combo for the point of sale - Motorola demonstrated a new handheld unit designed for the point of sale that has the capability of reading 1D linear bar codes, 2D bar codes and RFID chips as well.  The device is very attractively designed, and look just like a typical bar code reader.  Except that in the base of the stand is the RFID reader.    Intelligence built into the new device can even convert RFID EPC data into UPC codes, making the scanner perfect for all those existing POS systems. 

     Look for more articles in the next few weeks about RFID Live and the participating vendors.

RFID Live was run by RFID Journal    Visit their website for in depth coverage of the RFID industry.