Intermec Enhances RFID Data Capture and Asset Management with New Solutions

EVERETT, Wash., Apr 14, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) --Intermec Inc. (NYSE:IN) today announced three new RFID solutions: industry-leading software - Advanced RFID Extensions (ARX), the IF2 Network Reader, and the IT36 Durable Asset Tag. The solutions seamlessly enhance industrial and enterprise business processes to lower TCO, and achieve new levels of productivity by resolving problems as they occur. The new solutions help customers realize significant improvements in asset and inventory visibility.

Advanced RFID Extensions (ARX)

Intermec ARX is the RFID industry's most advanced software solution that effectively discriminates the tags of interest from the surrounding tags in the area. This feature enables customers to achieve improved speed and accuracy with tracking any article movement activity by significantly reducing false-positive reporting. Since RFID readers indiscriminately read all activated tags, the presence of stray tags, like those that pass through a nearby portal or are stationary on nearby racks or pallets, complicate the identification of the tags of interest versus those that are not part of the process in action.

With ARX, Intermec's RFID readers offer advanced motion data about each activated tag through a combination of hardware and software innovation. Through advanced artificial intelligence and data mining techniques, ARX analyzes low-level information from Intermec's RFID readers. The fully analyzed results are made available to end applications through easy-to-use EPCglobal Low Level Reader Protocol extensions.

ARX is a software solution that bridges the gap between low-level visibility and application development. ARX is now available on the Intermec IF61 Enterprise Reader, and Intermec's Forklift System, featuring the IV7 Vehicle Mounted RFID Reader and the CV60 Vehicle Mounted Computer.

IT36 Durable Asset Tag

The IT36 Durable Asset Tag expands Intermec's tag offerings for industrial asset management with an RFID tag that provides superior performance and high durability on a variety of surfaces. The IT36 is tuned for a wide frequency band to support both FCC and ETSI based regulatory regions and is optimized primarily for non-metal surfaces, like reusable plastic containers and wooden and plastic pallets. Utilizing the latest generation of Gen 2 silicon supporting 512 bits of user memory within a small, durable form factor, the IT36 is suitable for tracking a wide assortment of assets. The IT36 begins shipping in Q3 2010.

IF2 Network Reader

The Intermec IF2 Network Reader is a compact, cost-effective network reader designed to support diverse RFID applications in both enterprise and industrial environments that require a scalable RFID system with a low cost per read point. The IF2 is based on an Intermec-designed RF platform that offers best-in-class read performance and enables support for Intermec's new ARX solution.

The IF2 comes factory-loaded with the Intermec SmartSystems(TM) client, allowing administrators to change device settings, send firmware upgrades, update software applications, and execute other changes on multiple devices directly from a centralized console. This saves time and the cost of deploying, configuring and maintaining Intermec hardware. The IF2 begins shipping in Q4 2010.

"Our latest innovations are focused on providing businesses with greater visibility and accuracy in their supply chain operations," said Phyllis Turner-Brim, director, RFID Strategy and Licensing at Intermec. "The new solutions can help our customers lower the TCO of providing in-premise and mobile workers with improved data intelligence."

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