Mobile BarCodes Enhance Sex Appeal

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2010JagTag's mobile bar code technology differs from other mobile bar code providers in that no reader nor web access is required. If you have a camera phone, you're in business; for the price of one MMS you receive between 7 and 14 juicy swimwear pics.

Since this campaign circumvents the need for web access or an application download, it has reached a much larger market segment than similar campaigns. Currently, smartphone owners only comprise 20% of mobile phone users, while 80% of the market still uses an ordinary feature phone with camera and multimedia messaging capability. JagTag claims this campaign has surpassed 100,000 mobile engagements, making it the most successful 2D barcode campaign reported to date in the United States. As of April 23 they are still reporting hundreds of video deliveries every day, two months after the release of the SI swimsuit issue.

 Does this campaign make the case for the use of mobile barcoding in marketing or simply substantiate a time-honored axiom: men will do anything to see a beautiful woman half-naked? Time will tell as we see how JagTag's future partnerships play out.jagtag1