Barcode labels for an exceptionally small space!

What do you do when your client needs barcode labels that measure just .2 inches by .2 inches? 

Those barcode labels are so small that the client needs magnifying glasses and tweezers to put them on the product, which, incidentally, is an industrial manufactured circuit board that is treated with assorted chemical solutions AFTER the barcode label has been applied!


This was exactly the situation presented to Barcodes West, a specialist in barcode labels who created a solution for the client that is still going strong years later.

 How did they do it? First they used a 2D data matrix barcode to reduce size requirements and keep the label square.  With a 9 mil 2D barcode and 4 point type font Barcodes West delivered a sequential barcode and human readable printed on a .2" x .2" label.    The client then uses tweezers and loop to place the small label on each electronic component.

Once the barcode labels are applied, each component is subjected to various chemical and alcohol based treatments that the printing needs to withstand.  A specially formulated ink allows the barcode label to be readable after all processes are complete.

Summary:  Using a combination of unique materials and printing processes the vendor delivered a scannable serialized barcode and human readable for an exceptionally small space.  This combination with quality control and managing data has solidified a relationship that is now 5 years strong.





Barcodes West, LLC (BCW) is the label, tag & systems industry leader with combined experience of over 85 years providing high performance print, identification, & data collection solutions to customers in over 35 countries around the globe. They combine technical, material, hardware, and software expertise, industry knowledge, and personalized service to deliver the right solutions to help improve  business productivity and image.  

They can be reached at 888.889.0747 toll free to speak with a barcode and labeling profesional today! Click here to contact Barcodes West.




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