Making Barcodes a Piece of Art


    In 2005, Design Barcode got the recognition they deserved when they were awarded the Good Design Award in the Communication Design Category.  Since then, they have been given numerous awards such as one of their newest additions, the Cannes Titanium Lion, as well as made several connections with many local and international businesses including Japanese brands: Calbee, Suntory and Wacoal. Design Barcode has recently partnered up with U.S. barcode leader, PACARC, LLC to help them bring the newest and most impressive Japanese products into the United States. With the help from PACARC, LLC, Design Barcode is on their way to making a name for themselves across the United States.

    Design Barcode brings a stroke of creative flair into their barcode art by combining imagination with a keen eye for detail. Their artwork is divided into a multitude of diverse categories including beverages, sports, fashion and crafts. Companies can get in on the fun for free by first creating a barcode right from their own computer. A knowledgeable Account Manager will be assigned to you to help create a creative brief and then find a specific barcode that will be right for your business efforts. After the company has established a customized branded barcode, the artists at Design Barcode can then get to work on the design process.

   Owning a branded piece of barcode art makes a chic addition to any major corporation. In recent years, companies have made their business known by displaying their barcode art online. This revolutionary idea has landed more clients and increased revenue. Custom designing a barcode shows that your business is ready and eager to move into the realm of competitive marketing!