DecisionPoint Systems Launches MobileARC for Couriers

Initially, the launch of MobileArc was designed to empower pharmaceutical delivery couriers by incorporating mobile computing and wireless technologies into its field-service workforce, to promote better business decisions through automation. Currently, MobileArc's solutions are incorporated into major courier firms across the country, which include Zip Express and Corporate Transit of America.

MobileArc for Couriers is a comprehensive service offering that delivers everything a courier needs to utilize mobile computing to perform daily deliveries and generate the information demanded for continuous delivery tracking, right out-of-the-box. The overall market for field mobility is expected to grow from $9.0B in 2009 to $10.3B in 2010, with a 14% year-over-year growth rate, and MobileArc's technology features a wide array of sophisticated real-time delivery tracking capabilities, addressing this new, rapidly increasing need in the courier industry, particularly for those who specialize in same-day delivery. The offering includes the mobile computing unit, activation on a national carrier network, as well as the specialized software considered necessary for the expedited delivery and distribution marketplace. DecisionPoint's solution provides traditional same-day courier companies all the delivery tracking capabilities only previously available to the national parcel and package delivery companies who specialize in one and two-day deliveries.

"At Zip Express, we pride ourselves on utilizing the most advanced technology available to deliver superior service and reliability while maintaining a realistic cost base. DecisionPoint worked seamlessly with our team to develop a field mobility solution that met the needs for our healthcare customers," according to Russ Eden, CFO of Zip Express.

MobileArc for Couriers is key in leveling a playing field formerly owned by national carriers, by empowering these "last mile" couriers to gain market share with complete delivery tracking capabilities. MobileArc is vital for these traditional same-day couriers, who are in the process of transforming themselves from exclusive on-demand deliverers of documents to "last mile" logistics companies and compete with large national carriers.

"We have developed an easy to use, turnkey solution that empowers market specific 'last mile' specialists to compete on par with the large national carriers. All of the know-how and experience DecisionPoint has to offer is now available in the MobileArc for Couriers service solution," said Brent Felker, VP of Field Mobility for DecisionPoint.

DecisionPoint's MobileArc Field Mobility program provides application software and tool sets from multiple Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partners in virtually every application category. DecisionPoint designs, deploys and integrates these solutions using proven methodology and industry recognized best practices, while managing every aspect of the rollout, including support services and help desk. Please visit DecisionPoint's MobileArc Field Mobility web page for more information.

DecisionPoint Systems

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