DecisionPoint Wins $1.2M of Contracts for MobileArc for Couriers Offering

More contracts in the sales pipeline are strong and represent an even greater value of their services.

MobileArc for Couriers is a significant new offering because it delivers something those in the courier business need now, a sophisticated delivery tracking capability. MobileArc for Couriers is a comprehensive service offering which delivers everything a courier driver needs to use; a mobile computer to perform their daily deliveries and to generate the information for continuous delivery tracking capability. The service includes the mobile computer itself, along with activation on a national carrier network, as well as the pre-loading and pre-configuration of the mobile apps to make it ready to go right out-of-the-box.

"With DecisionPoint Systems' help, Zip Express made significant system changes and improvements to meet the more sophisticated tracking needs of our customers within realistic cost parameters. DecisionPoint has been a solid partner during these changes," according to Russ Eden, Chief Financial Officer of Zip Express.

Brent Felker, VP of Field Mobility for DecisionPoint Systems, said, "At DecisionPoint we were able to use our years of industry experience and deep technical expertise in mobile computing and wireless technologies to meet a critical need for sophisticated tracking systems in the courier and same-day delivery market through our MobileArc for Couriers offering. There is no doubt to us now that the entire courier market will have to adopt this increased tracking capability sooner rather than later in order to compete."