Road & Track Brings the Printed Page to Life With 2D Barcodes

Beginning with its August 2010 issue, 2D barcode icons in the shape of a steering wheel will appear next to various stories throughout the magazine. When an article is accompanied by an icon, readers will be able to instantly access an exciting video related to that article on their Smartphones.

The process by which readers can activate the icons and watch Smartphone-enabled videos is extremely simple, according to the magazine.

First, readers download the free Microsoft tag reader to their phones in order to activate the barcodes. Once downloaded, users "point and click" their Smartphones at barcodes in the print magazine to watch videos about the articles featured there.

"By combining 2D printed barcodes with instant access to high quality video that was previously only accessible through our website, we're delivering to our readers the ultimate editorial experience," said Matt DeLorenzo, Road & Track magazine's Vice President and Editor-in-Chief. "The launch of this new technology is just one example of how Road & Track is committed to enhancing not only the content it offers, but also the medium through which that content is delivered."

DeLorenzo says the launch of this new technology is yet another reason why the magazine is a leader in its field by converging print, digital and mobile media technologies in a cohesive, intuitive and creative way.

"Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, we're able to deliver exciting content to our readers that greatly enhances the print experience," said DeLorenzo. "We will continue to deliver value to our audience -- not just today, but as advanced technologies emerge in the future."

To download the free Microsoft tag reader to your Smartphone, go to or text "RTTAG" to 44636.

Utilize the accompanying barcode to view an exclusive video in which Matt DeLorenzo, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of Road & Track, discusses the magazine's use of this new technology and how it works.

You can also click the following link to view this video: