Tracking Inventory with Bar Codes Saves Time, Money... and Lives?

The United States Air Force has issued a supplemental order for $654,608 for additional BITS (Barcode Inventory Tracking System) Kits from DecisionPoint to augment an ongoing $7 million program for tracking "Go To War" equipment support units.

Nicholas Toms, DecisionPoint Chief Executive Officer, stated, "We are honored that DecisionPoint Systems was selected for this project and continues to be a key supplier. Our extensive experience in automating data collection for warehouse and asset management systems makes us an ideal partner to help Air Force personnel manage mission critical inventory."

An Air Force logistics specialist commented, "With the implementation of the BITS program, all of the equipment has a barcode, which makes replacing items much more efficient and will save the government money. The idea behind the program is that no deployed, overseas or homeland unit will be without the necessary equipment to complete their mission."

The BITS kits, which were custom designed and built using DecisionPoint's proprietary products include software and mobile hand held terminals that support barcode technology. The system reduces inventory costs and shortages and enables Air Force personnel to automatically maintain highly accurate "Go to War" support units.