QR Code Promotion in Thailand Gives Users 10 Baht

TrueMove also promoted usage of QR codes in this campaign, as may be seen in the attached image. The leaflet explains how to download the QR code reader, and how to scan QR codes. By reading QR codes printed on the leaflet, TrueMove users could get a ring-tone, music (mp3) or coupons. This campaign took place from May 16 to June 30.

As additional activity, TrueMove promoted this campaign during the month of June in several magazines and in TrueVision (cable-TV Network).

The results of the campaign were well above initial expectations.

Going to Thailand?  Need some baht? 

Download instructions of TrueMove barcode reader:

1. Text QR to 3434. toll free

2. Click on the URL written on the replied text message.

3. Download barcode reader application from the site referred by the URL.

(We're not sure if this works outside of Thailand. Try it at your own risk. I think we're talking about 30 cents here. So, no tears if it doesn't work.)