RFID Tags Are Off to the Races

The PowerT tag is attached to the back of the runner's bib, which can be mailed to the runner prior to the event, negating any user error on the part of the athlete fitting the tag to a shoe or ankle strap and obviating the cumbersome collection of tags following the race. The PowerT tag has an environmentally friendly battery and pocket-book friendly price tag, making it inherently disposable. But what really takes this RFID tag to the next level is enhanced reliability. The new PowerT tag provides high read ranges, easily read from antennas set up in mats or on gantries up to 9 meters away.

We are very excited about the expanding use of PowerT in races across the world by RFID Race Timing Systems,” said Erez Kahani, CEO of PowerID. “Adoption of the PowerT tag has been rapid with hundreds of thousands being utilized in the past few months, and we look forward to its continued use in the race timing sector.”

PowerT tags attached to runners’ bibs with the ULTRA System have been used in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.  Most recently, the PowerT tag was used with excellent results at the Riga Marathon, the HBF Run for Reason in Perth, the Five Mile Run in Dublin, the Singapore Run for Water, and the Tobacco Run in North Carolina.

For more information about BAP RFID, see the PowerID website.