Bracketron Launches Mobile Barcode Marketing Initiative

microsoft_tag 2d barcodeInteractive 2D barcode reader allows users to view online content by scanning codes from product packaging and print materials.

Bracketron hops on the mobile barcode bandwagon with the release of a new marketing campaign featuring Microsoft®Tag - a relatively new technology that allows users instant access to online content with the simple scan of a barcode using their iphone, Droid or other smartphone. Bracketron is a leading manufacturer and supplier of mounting solutions and accessories for GPS, satellite radio, cell phone, iPod/iPhone/iPad, laptop & netbook computer and other mobile electronics,

Initially, Bracketron is using mobile barcodes to connect users with product videos that they can instantly view directly on their phones while in a retail store, at a tradeshow or while viewing a print advertisement or brochure. One of the limitations of the MicrosoftTag product is that users are required to download the free application from the MicrosoftTag site or iTunes in order to scan the barcode.

"We are very excited about the potential of mobile barcode tagging technology as an innovative new way to market and sell our products, particularly in the retail environment," said Mark Mandel, Executive Vice President. "Tagging offers a unique new way to bridge offline and online mediums, and we think it makes a lot of sense for our business and our customers."

The use of MicrosoftTag and other 2D barcodes in marketing campaigns is a rapidly growing trend as social media- minded consumers demand more interactivity. However, at present, Bracketron is the only known manufacturer in the mobile mounting space leveraging this new technology, and an early adopter within the consumer electronics industry at large.