Barcode Beasties Free Gaming App For Android

Barcode Beasties Gaming for AndroidBarcode Beasties is a free gaming application designed for Android-based mobile devices. The current version of Beasties allows you to scan up to two barcodes via barcode scanning software available for free online. Once the scanning software is installed, Beasties will then allow you to scan barcodes via the Beasties interface. With a single tap on the screen barcodes are scanned automatically transforming them into magical creatures. With another touch of the main screen the Barcode Beasties begin to do battle. After an exchange of blows, one beast will eventually become victorious and be declared the winner.barcode beasties

Author, Richard Green, has now released a multi-player environment. The multi-player interface will allow online users to battle each other simultaneously.

Green has ingeniously incorporated Google Apps to be the back end enchantment making his dream totally feasible. With the use of Google services Richard will easily be able to support the up to fifty-thousand users he expects. The combined power of Google servers with Google apps will provide true scalability to meet his goal. Score one battle already won by the Beastie creator himself for having the knowledge and forethought to make his dream reality. Green is truly the wizard behind the scenes as he masterfully monitors the battlefield live while working even more magic in his English fortress.

A 3-D version of Beasties is expected to be released in approximately three to four months. The 3-D version will take this game to a new level. Children and adults will be spellbound by the stunning graphics anticipated to be employed.Barcode Beasties for Android

Green now sees several niches for his Barcode Beasties game. Of course the main audience will be the mighty road warriors and kids in shopping carts. But even greater plans are in the works as Green explores the limits of his technical skills. He sees his gaming application possibly being used for bar code training, product marketing and even product line promotion.

The future looks bright for Richard Green. Years of hard work is now paying off. There is no limit to what he can achieve as he tactfully masters his engineering skills to produce cell phone magic. Leave it to an Englishman to take on the quest of making Barcode Beasties a reality through pure online wizardry and sorcery.

Game Author: Richard Green

Supported Systems: Android devices (Mobile Market Only)

Web Site: