Greener Barcoding - Free Collection of Your Old BarCode Device Batteries

Battery recycling
Batteries, batteries, everywhere and not a charge to light my lamp” may have been the mantra to describe an ever growing plane of depleted cells of energy had it not been for the introduction of the lithium ion battery in 1991. Rechargeable batteries breathe life into every piece of portable, handheld electronic device in the modern person’s on-the-go arsenal. From laptops to cell phones, if it requires electricity it will take a rechargeable battery. Alas, everything, no matter how great, does has a life cycle; a time where sustainability and efficiency have past and usefulness gone.
Rechargeable batteries are financially, environmentally responsible so they must be safe to throw in the trash.” No! The truth is it’s illegal in a majority of states to simply toss out depleted batteries. Since the mid 1990’s states have started initiating prohibitive laws for the disposal of rechargeable batteries through conventional methods, i.e. throwing them in a trash bin to be hauled off to the local landfill. On May 13, 1996 the EPA measure Mercury-ContainingRechargeable Battery Management Act, 42 U.S.C 14301-14336 (“Battery Act”) was signed into law. The intention, spirit of the law is to describe the safe handling and disposal of rechargeable batteries and places the responsibility of disposal on manufacturers and distributors getting the old batteries to the appropriate place lands on the public. Enter: Call2Recycle®. Since 1994 Call2Recycle® has been collecting dead rechargeable batteries and unwanted cell phones to dispose of them properly. Call2Recycle is the only free rechargeable battery collection program in North America and has diverted over 50 million pounds of recycled batteries from landfills since their creation in 1994.

When you replace the rechargeable battery in your barcode device, be sure to get it into the hands of a company that will recycle it.  Millions of rechargable batteries are used every year by bar code manufacturers.   Let's be proactive about protecting our environment.


According to Call2Recycle “[the average consumer] uses [approximately] six wireless products in their day-to-day lives, and the average cell phone is replaced (or upgraded) every 18 to 24 months” with such a high volume of turnover being discarded rechargeable power units and devices would be finding their way to landfills to eventually breakdown and leak heavy metals back into the ground. 

To increase participation and awareness Call2Recycle has recently redesigned and redistributed their drop off bins. The newly designed, eco-friendly binds are built for ease of use and unobtrusive placement to encourage vendors to utilize the bins for their customer's convenience. 


To find out more about theCall2Recycle’s vendor programs or to find the nearest drop-off location go to their website or them call at 877.2.RECYCLE (877.273.2925)