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Big in Japan Releases a Free QR Code Reader and Scanner App for iPhone.

Big in Japan made a name for themselves with ShopSavvy, the local retail shopping companion used by over 6 million mobile users worldwide, and with their latest release, a free stand alone QR Code Reader and Scanner they aim to drive awareness and usage of QR Codes among mobile users.

“Although ShopSavvy scans QR Codes along with traditional UPC and EAN barcodes, many ShopSavvy users have requested a standalone QR Code reader,” said Alexander Muse, co-founder of Big in Japan. “We hope the new, single-function app will spur more consumers to seek out QR Codes – and more brands to incorporate QR Codes in their marketing efforts.”

Earlier this year, Big in Japan launched the “Scan with ShopSavvy“ program to encourage retailers to incorporate QR Codes in their marketing efforts. Also this year, the company acquired Snappr, creator of the first iPhone application capable of scanning QR Codes, to incorporate its technology into ShopSavvy.

Big in Japan may be an industry leader in the QR code industry, but currently the industry is small. Releasing the QR code Reader and Scanner is their latest effort to drive use and adoption of QR Codes by consumers and businesses.

QR Codes (2D barcodes) are a Japanese technology capable of storing far more information than one-dimensional UPC or EAN barcodes, making them ideal for marketing and advertising use. Advertisers are using them to give consumers access to 'uncensored' campaigns or to direct them to video footage or additional information. As the adoption of 2D barcodes in marketing increases, new and more innovative uses are being implemented. Currently, the us of 2D barcodes in marketing still has the 'fad' factor, but as advertisers explore the industry and best practices are uncovered, I think we'll see the use of 2D barcodes become part of our daily lives, like texting.

“We believe QR Codes have tremendous potential in the United States and worldwide, and we are actively working with retailers and other brands to leverage this technology in creative ways,” Muse said.

Consumers may download Big in Japan’s QR Code Reader and Scanner at the following link:

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