The Motorola Symbol LS2208 Barcode Scanner

LS2208 barcode scannerThe Motorola LS2208 Barcode Scanner: One Woman's Opinion

Product: LS2208

Manufacturer: Symbol

Type: Retail & Light 

Industrial Capture Method: Laser

The Symbol LS2208 handheld laser-based barcode scanner from Motorola has been tucked away in my drawer for a couple of weeks now, patiently waiting to be reviewed. I pulled it out today, plugged it into the USB port of my MacBook Pro, and immediately regretted having waited so long to do so.

The cool, smooth device was light yet sturdy feeling in my hand. The trigger fit comfortably between my index and middle finger, and responded to the perfect amount of pressure— too difficult to pull by mistake, but not so stiff as to produce strain from extended use. I unfolded the poster-like Quick Start Guide, scanned the appropriate quick start barcode and after a friendly beep triad, I was contentedly scanning the contents of my office bookshelf into Amazon.

This barcode scanner and I enjoyed an immediate connection. A previous relationship I had with a barcode scanner during an unfortunate stint in mall retail, required weeks of getting to know each other before responding to my every demand. The Symbol LS2208 returned a short, satisfying beep sound and flashed a large, reassuring green light following my very first scan. I was able to scan a magazine barcode on the floor, 18 inches from my chair and a barcode on a book at the other end of my desk without getting up or otherwise inconveniencing myself.

Egged on by the Symbol LS2208's bravado, I set about conducting a series of rigorous tests upon it. I lined up an arsenal of barcodes: a six inch barcode procured from the internet that represents my name and weight, a worn out bottle of hand soap from my four year old's bathroom, a purse-battered Chapstick, my skatepark membership keytag, a tiny Bach flower remedy bottle with a green barcode, a bag of frozen coffee, and all the books in my office. The Symbol LS2208 was not the slightest bit vexed. I scanned each item three ways: 1) laid haphazardly on the desk and scanning from my chair. 2) at arm's length and 3) holding the item in my right hand and scanning with my left-hand. The Bach flower remedy held at arm's length was the only one I had to scan more than once. The scanner even performed beautifully during a thrilling game of 'grocery store' where my little boy was the cashier and I was the customer.

The Symbol LS2208 responded well to the two main scan-styles; point and shoot and press and swep. The point and shoot method involves aiming the laser at the middle of the barcode and pressing the button. Under the press and sweep method the user aims slightly above the barcode then holds down the trigger and drags the laser over the barcode top to bottom. The point and shoot method seems to be the easiest, the issue with the press and sweep method being getting the speed just right— too fast or too slow is ineffective.

It took me a couple minutes to determine how to use the quick start guide to make the scanner perform a carriage return, but I managed to figure it out without having to actually read any instructions. Needless to say, the scanner won't be spending any more idle time in my drawer and until (or unless) my publisher remembers to ask for it back, I will be using it regularly.   I recommend this barcode scanner as a cost effective, durable and easy to use scanner for home or business.

For more information please see the product page for the Motorola Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner.

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