JagTag 2D Barcode Plays Key Role in Back Jack Campaign

Back Jack Jagtag 2d Barcode

Jack Daniels Hopes to Attain National Holiday Status with the Help of 2D Barcodes

JAGTAG, the company quickly becoming synonymous with mobile 2D barcode advertising, makes the news once again by powering the “Back Jack” mobile marketing campaign in a petition drive to make Jack Daniel's birthday a national holiday. The 2D barcodes will enable potential supporters of the “Back Jack” movement to access campaign updates, watch branded videos, and add their signatures to the petition.

Jack Daniel’s “Back Jack” campaign with JAGTAG encourages all participants over 21 to celebrate the birthday of one of the most recognized names in American spirits. JAGTAG mobile barcodes are featured throughout the campaign on in-store signage at national retailers, the campaign’s press microsite (www.JDBdaymedia.com), as well as Jack Daniel’s campaign banners and promotional pins used by the “Back Jack” tour bus when it visits 10 cities, including Cincinnati, Nashville and New York, en route to the U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C. Consumers can snap and send a photo of the Jack Daniel’s branded JAGTAGs with any camera phone to receive the official campaign video and see how many others have signed the petition, updated in real-time by JAGTAG’s API. To ensure all content reaches the proper audience, JAGTAG’s age-verification technology is seamlessly integrated in the campaign.

“For our ‘Back Jack’ initiative, we wanted to engage fans nationwide to join our petition drive and add their signatures, and JAGTAG’s technology enabled us to reach the largest mobile audience possible,” said Jennifer Powell, U.S. Brand Manager for Jack Daniel’s. “By using JAGTAG mobile 2D barcodes, we can share exclusive content with the right audiences and offer supporters the chance to celebrate Mr. Jack’s birthday.”

JAGTAG works on all camera phones and across all major wireless carriers in the United States without requiring users to download an application to reach 90 percent of all mobile users. Jack Daniel’s is leveraging JAGTAG mobile 2D barcodes to involve and interact with supporters nationwide through a multi-faceted campaign that provides participants with real-time updates. “We’re helping Jack Daniel’s develop a campaign that can deliver exciting campaign videos and real-time updates from their petition drive to a mass mobile audience,” said Ed Jordan, CEO of JAGTAG. “By partnering with JAGTAG, Jack Daniel’s is making it possible for everyone with a cameraphone to ‘Back Jack’ and join in the effort to make Jack Daniel’s birthday a national holiday.”

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