RFID YEARBOOKRFID tags are prevalent across a broad range of industries, from logistics or access control, fashion to healthcare, animal tracking to defense. Regardless of industry, you are likely to encounter an RFID tag sooner or later.

Radio Frequency Identification technology is steadily approaching the front of the line in the technology arena with RFID tags experiencing stable growth in dozens of industries worldwide.

After the U.S. boom prompted by the Department of Defense and Wal-Mart, a growing number of private companies and public departments have rolled out projects of every size, paving the way for a radical change in the intimate way we relate with objects, products and supply chains.

As a result, hundreds of companies, at home and abroad, have invested in this technology, rolling out thousands of tags for every imaginable application. RFID technology encompasses a range of technologies, using different frequencies, antennas, materials and sizes to adapt to various applications.

In response to the take-off of RFID, and the sheer numbers and diversity of the companies in the industry, Loft Media Publishing and Veryfields.net have released the 2010 RFID TAG YEARBOOK. This free document is the most comprehensive global product reference for RFID professionals worldwide. The Yearbook includes in-depth descriptions of over 700 UHF and HF RFID tags from the most relevant worldwide manufacturers. A valuable resource for manufacturers, system integrators, Value Added Resellers and customers alike, the PDF edition of the 2010 RFID TAG YEARBOOK can be downloaded for free here

 The Yearbook includes an unmatched array of technical information for each single RFID tag and a selection of background content useful to expert and newbie. The RFID TAG YEARBOOK 2010 promises to be updated periodically, in order to guarantee accuracy, readers wishing to be alerted of updates can sign up to receive them on the website. info

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