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QR codes are popping up everywhere. We've seen them on Calvin Klein billboards, at the GAP, and during commercial breaks on Bravo. We've even seen QR codes temporarily tattooed on scantily clad surf groupies at the US Open of Surfing, but this latest application may take the phrase viral marketing to new heights.

Tanya Tate, one of the most popular adult stars in England and Ireland and recipient of multiple awards for her performances in Europe, has begun making quite an impact in the U.S.

Tate's “British Invasion” of America incorporates QR (or Quick Response) barcodes to spread her brand and drive traffic to her website. Tate is incorporating the QR code into her promo and memorabilia. Scanning the barcode with any smartphone QR code reader app, will redirect the user to her website.

“When someone buys my 8x10s, DVDs or is given one of my promotional postcards, they will see the code on there and within seconds be able to surf my website,” said Tate “It’s very exciting to utilize technologies like this. My PR team at The Star Factory recommended [that I] incorporate QR codes onto my merchandise; they are really on top of the social mediums.”

“We try to stay aware of different avenues to promote our clients,” said Alexander Raymond of The Star Factory. “Tanya is just the first of our clients to integrate QR into their promotions, soon all our clients will take advantage of this type of social marketing.”

Tate will introduce the barcode when she makes an appearance at the upcoming Nightmoves adult entertainment event in Tampa, Florida, where she is nominated for Best MILF Performer.

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