ScanLife adds more 2D bar code support

ScanLife has added support for alternative 2D bar codes for their marketing campaigns.   ScanLife now offers now the option to download the QR and Datamatrix code formats - all of which the ScanLife app can read on any supported phone.


It's up to you to decide which code format you want to use.  If you have a small amount of space - like packaging - you may want to use the EZcode.  If you are using codes in an outdoor ad, maybe a QR code is better.  The only real difference is size, and the minimum requirements are as follows:

EZcode - 1/2 inch
Datamatrix - 3/4 inch
QR code - 1 inch

All of the codes provide all of the reporting features like number of scans, unique users, type of handset, demographics, and more.

More Flexiblity as well

Another new feature is the ability to change one code action to another after the code is created.  The ScanLife platform has always allowed you to edit the content of the code at any time which has provided a lot of flexibility for codes that are being used for an extended period.  Now, ScanLife also allows you to change from one code action to another. So, if you have a Web code that links to a URL, not only can you choose to change the link, but you can also change the action entirely to launch an email, a phone call, and more.


More information is available directly from ScanLife 

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