Motorola Gives New Meaning to Mobile Aboard Oasis of the Seas

Oasis of the Seas and MotorolaA change, perhaps imperceptible to the untrained eye, has occurred upon Royal Carribean's Oasis of the Seas. Although not much appears to have changed outwardly, guests will be finding themselves more satisfied in every regard. It is easier to pay for drinks by the pool or get tickets to a show, and nary a clogged toilet is to be found. All thanks to Motorola.

It makes sense that the largest and most revolutionary cruise ship in existence would implement a Motorola mobility solution. Royal Caribbean has equipped its employees with Motorola enterprise mobile computers to empower them with the information they need to ensure customer needs are taken care of on-the-spot anywhere on the ship.

Oasis of the Seas is a revolutionary cruise ship that transforms the way Royal Caribbean interacts with its guests,” said Bill Martin, VP and CIO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. “By aligning with Motorola, we are now able to address guest needs in real-time while increasing the productivity of our staff – ultimately raising the standard for guest experiences and satisfaction.”

In order to maintain a competitive advantage in a world where mobile everything is quickly becoming the expectation, the hospitality industry is turning to mobile computing. Royal Caribbean selected Motorola to help them take customer satisfaction, improved service and revenue to the next level. Mobile applications running on Motorola MC55 and MC70 enterprise mobile computers carried by the Oasis of the Seas staff include, mobile point of sale (MPOS), mobile mustering, work order management, show ticketing and asset management.

 Staff throughout the guest entertainment area of Oasis of the Seas possess MC70 mobile computers and snap-on mobile payment modules. This means that guest credit and debit transactions can be responded to on-the-spot. The amount of time guests wait in line for shows is greatly diminished as is the amount of time pool-side spent waiting for drinks— improving guest experience while increasing beverage sales.

The MC70 also provides en electronic, mobile solution for mustering which helps to increase accuracy and compliance with ship regulations. Guest sea pass cards are scanned to get accurate count of guests who have been briefed on emergency procedures once on board.

Motorola’s MC55 helps to ensure that all is ship-shape aboard the vessel by streamlining processes for work order and asset management for engineering, housekeeping and the ship’s dining room. A clogged toilet, broken AC unit, malfunctioning television or out-of-order slot machine can all have significant negative impact on a guest's experience, and therefore, on the company's bottom line. Equipped with an MC55 with integrated voice and data capabilities, Royal Caribbean maintenance staff can receive tasks in real-time, providing managers with visibility into progress of work orders and ensuring any issues are addressed immediately.  The MC55s are also used to manage assets within its dining room, including silverware and tableware helping to reduce inventory management time while freeing up precious staff time that should be spent attending to guests.

Today's vacation-goer expects perfection. With limited financial resources, people are painstakingly choosing where to spend their vacation dollars, amplifying any dissatisfaction that may occur. The hospitality industry can't afford to have guests leaving for home unhappy. Motorola’s mobility solution helps to ensure that guests go home raving about the wonderful time they had rather than disappointed in where they chose to spend their precious vacation time and money.

Royal Caribbean is planning to expand its use of mobile computers across its fleet of ships throughout 2012.

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