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eventbrite 2D barcode check-in

Remember the ground-breaking 2D barcode check-in process at Mercedes Fashion Week this year? Eventbrite brings it to the masses.

Eventbrite, one of the fastest growing event ticketing companies out there today, has launched a new version of their iPhone app, Eventbrite Easy Entry, for managing paperless event entry. Event organizers can now check in attendees by scanning the 2D barcodes on Eventbrite tickets directly from their iPhones (barcode scanning powered by Quickmark).

A similar 2D barcode scan check-in process was created and executed by Control Group for this year's Mercedes Fashion Week to eliminate the cumbersome process of paper invitations and guest list check-in. Making this new app from EventBrite timely, indeed.

"This brings a new level of sophistication to events and ties to our mission of arming organizers with technology to make their events as professional and well-run as possible, while remaining affordable and accessible for anyone," said Kevin Hartz, CEO and Co-Founder of Eventbrite. "The app removes the headaches that come from manual processes and, for both the organizer and attendee, makes for a much quicker and smoother way to get to the good stuff: the event itself."

The Easy Entry app pulls an organizer's guest list from Eventbrite's servers and allows him or her to easily check in attendees by scanning their ticket barcode, looking up their name, or browsing a digital list. Check-ins are automatically synced across multiple devices, allowing organizers to seamlessly have multiple entry points for more efficient entry management. All check-in activity immediately updates to the Eventbrite servers, so organizers can instantly leverage Eventbrite's intelligence, analytics and reporting capabilities to maintain an ongoing and comprehensive view into key reporting metrics.

"We recently used the Easy Entry app to check in 2,000 concert-goers for the sold-out Kaskade @ The Warfield concert. What's great is that the system is flexible enough that we were able to use a combination of both scanned entries, as well as checking off the digital lists maintained in the app," said Erik Lillquist of Kinetic Events. "We have previously used traditional trackers for scanning, however they don't 'talk' to each other. We were using up to six scanners at multiple entry points, so it proved rather difficult to keep a running tally in real-time of what tickets had been checked-in. The immediate benefit for us with the iPhone app is that each phone automatically syncs to Eventbrite's system with every single scan, which is a huge element for us with sold-out shows like this where there is the potential for ticket fraud. This process helps to eliminate that."

Additional new features in this release include:

  • Support for repeating events and new user options to set customized sync settings.

  • An updated check-in interface allows users to seamlessly switch between search, list and scan methods of check-in.

  • Email, ticket type and payment method are readily displayed under an attendee name.

Eventbrite Entry Management
Eventbrite is also launching Eventbrite Entry Management, giving organizers the ability to check in attendees online directly from their Eventbrite account through the browser interface. All that is needed is an Internet connection, eliminating the need to print out paper lists and manually check people in. The Easy Entry iPhone app works in conjunction with this Entry Management functionality and automatically syncs information across multiple mobile devices and computers. And, as with the iPhone app, after an event the organizer can quickly see reports on attendance patterns in terms of when attendance peaked and who did not show.

The Easy Entry iPhone app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch and is available immediately. Entry Management will be available in early November 2010. Both are free to use for all Eventbrite users, regardless of event cost and size.

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