Another Lifestyle Barcode App Hits Android

android ziplistAnother free app aimed at making your life easier has just been released for Android. ZipList, an online grocery list tool I've been using on my iPhone since April, further extends its mobile capabilities with this Android release.

ZipList launched in February to enable users to share their grocery lists, automatically categorize items, sort lists by aisle or store, and update lists on the web or by text message, email or instant message. Users can also search more than 500,000 recipes and add ingredients for each one to their online shopping list with one click. They can also save all their recipes from across the web in one universal recipe box.

Shopping list apps are among the most popular lifestyle and productivity apps in the Android Market. Users can learn more about the free ZipList service at then click through to the Android Market to download the new Android app. Android users can also scan the QR code there to go directly to the free app in the Android Market.

"A shopping list app is one of the easiest ways to manage your grocery shopping, saving time in-store and reducing impulse purchases," said Geoff Allen, Founder and CEO, ZipList, Inc. "The ZipList app enables users to sync and share lists that are created both on the web and on other mobile devices. Users can also search for recipes from a variety of sources and add ingredients to the list with one click, helping to streamline the overall grocery shopping experience."

Key features of the new Android app from ZipList include:

Create and Update Shopping Lists: Build and share lists with family members to let them view, add or delete items using the web, iPhone, text messages, email, instant messages or other mobile phones. ZipList automatically categorizes items added to the list, including many abbreviations and misspellings. Users can prioritize items and sort lists by importance.

Web Sync: Sync shopping lists in real-time between the new Android app, the web, mobile web browsers on Blackberry, iPhone, Palm and Microsoft phones, and ZipList apps running on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Add Items by Scanning a Product Barcode: With the new Android app, users can scan product barcodes using the camera built into their smartphone to add specific branded items, including store brand items, to their shopping lists. Android users without a camera can also key in product barcodes by number.

Support for Multiple Lists and Multiple Stores: Users can create and save multiple shopping lists, as well as build and save aisle-by-aisle lists for specific stores in their area. Users can also filter shopping lists by grocery store, as well as search for and map local stores.

Android Shortcuts: Users can update their shopping lists right from the home screen of their phone by using ZipList's Android Shortcuts. This way, ZipList is at a user's fingertips whether in the grocery store or planning the trip at home.

Robust Product Database: ZipList has more than 275,000 individual products in its grocery database, making it easy to add branded items to a grocery list on-the-go without having to type in the full product name.

Smart Item Entry: In many cases, users can enter just three or four letters and the name of the desired item will pop up. If the user has entered the item before, it will appear higher up on the drop-down list.

Recipe Search: Users can search more than 500,000 recipes and add required ingredients to their grocery lists with one click, helping to quickly resolve the "What's for dinner?" question. ZipList also recognizes staples, such as salt and olive oil, which users may not need to add to their list.

Shopping Cart: Just check off each item as you shop to move each one to the new shopping cart section of the app. When you are done shopping, simply touch the "Checkout" button and all the selected items will be removed from your shopping list.

Additionally, users are able to set priorities for specific items, as well as assign quantities, coupons, notes and other information for each grocery item, among many other features. This is a great product for busy, mobile-centric families and its quick adoption of Android makes it that much more convenient, considering the growing number of Android users.

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