Barcode iPhone App Month Review: by Cellartracker


Price $3.99 | Link to App Store is a wine app and I don't have a wine cellar, so I hopped in the car and headed down to Magnum Wine & Tastings for some professional help from owner/proprietor, Heath Cordes.

I asked Cordes to select 6 of this month's top selling wines to field test the app. The barcode scanner (powered by Occipital) is pretty standard. I was able to easily scan 4 out of the 6 wines. Three of these four were in the database. The wines in the database had user reviews and Cordes found them to be mostly accurate, in his opinion.

Once you find a wine, allows you to Drink, Add, Want, Email or Compare. The Drink function allows you to record your own notes and the time/date you drank the bottle. The function is very user-friendly. The Add function allows you to record the bottle to your cellar. Email launches your mail application and sends a link. Once sent you are returned to where you were on the app. When you click Compare, adds the wine to a list. You can view your Compare selections side by side from the Compare screen.

winestore2The user-interface is intuitive. However, you can scan/search either your cellar or the main database according to whether you are on the Home screen or the My Cellar screen. I made the mistake of trying to look up the wines from the My Cellar screen, and of course, didn't find any. I was shocked that none of the wines were in the database until I realized I was searching in the wrong screen (it's been a long week). I guess the occasional user error is to be expected, but it would be nice if they could edit the error message to read something like “not in your cellar.”

This is a very well done app, and I didn't even get to utilize the cellar tracking aspect which is what users have been raving about. One user said, “I LOVE this app. The fact that I can connect to and access my CellarTracker account so easily and quickly is fantastic. I think I've probably told 20 people about it since I installed this. Amazing!” For oenophiles this app is definitely worth the $3.99. It syncs with your account, allowing you to have mobile access to your own cellar database.

Informative, intuitive, nice-looking and useful. If this app was man, I might marry it.

Wines scanned were: Meiomi Pinot Noir, Caposaldo Pinot Grigio (not in database), Sean Minor Cabernet Sauvignon, Lange Pinot Noir (not in database), Stag's Leap Chardonnay (not in database) and Bouchaine Pinot Noir.

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