The BarCode News Reviews Barcode iPhone Apps All December

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The BarCode News puncuates launch of App Department by reviewing apps all December long.

TheBarCode News leads up to the January launch of its new App Department by highlighting different barcode iPhone apps throughout the month of December. Any app that utilizes barcodes (2D codes, QR Codes, UPCs, EAN) is up for review. This includes games, lifestyle apps, shopping apps, health-related apps -- the only prerequisite is that the application utilize a barcode in some way. Among the apps reviewed are: GoodGuide,Target, FoodScanner, and CR Shopper.

"The technology of the smartphone and the App Market have led to a multitude of iPhone apps featuring the use of barcodes, many of which are very useful or entertaining. But with so many clones out there it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Our goal is to provide consumers with accurate, insightful reviews by people who have conducted serious field-tests of these apps while offering developers another arena in which to be noticed," says Craig Aberle, President of The BarCode News.

All app reviews published in December will be collected in a new, permanent section of the publication. The BarCode News aims to keep an up-to-date resource of barcode apps as new ones are released and updates occur.

"The utility of the barcode is undergoing a period of drastic expansion with the widespread adoption of the smartphone. Its use as a marketing, communication, and productivity tool will only continue to grow and as it does so will the availability of quality barcode apps. The Barcode News aims to remain relevant and on the industry's cutting edge, which is why we are introducing the App Department to our readers," says Katrina Costedio, Editor.

The Barcode News Apps reviews will include the Android Market.

Developers who would like their app to be considered for review should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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