TheBarCodeNews™ Tops 200,000 Visitors


When TheBarCodeNews began about a year ago its mission was to provide current news and information about barcode technology and the barcode industry.   It’s been a good year.   Our visitors were receptive and thousands of you signed up for our twice a month newsletter and our TwitterFeed.   Our readership grew and we (and our advertisers) were pleased with the results.

Well, this year has caused me to re-define my perceptions about the barcode world.   In my background, which included selling thousands of barcode products – barcode readers, barcode printers, barcode software and much more – that WAS the barcode world.   It was a handful of companies producing various products, it was infrastructure, it was software companies integrating barcode technology into their products – in short, it wasn’t about the public.   The public didn’t get to touch the barcode equipment.

Well, all that has been changing with the advent of cellphones able to read 2D (two dimensional)  barcodes and advertisers who are anxious to deploy that technology.   2D barcodes have become visible in newspapers, magazines, billboards and signs everywhere.    Suddenly, the public is the one holding the barcode readers and thousands of companies want you to use it.

The barcode has gone mainstream.  It is being stuck on doors (thank you Google) and windows and in catalogs, newspapers, magazines and real estate signs.  Not only that, but the use of 2D barcodes has enabled a major leap in tracking advertising results.  Instead of using coupons, or varying toll-free 800#s in different ads,  advertisers can simply insert a slightly different 2D barcode in each newspaper or magazine they run an ad in.  As users scan those barcodes, vendors can tell which magazines are getting the best response.   Literally, within hours of publication, a vendor can figure out which ads or publications are working best.     Manufacturers can use this data to make estimates about which products will sell in the highest volumes as well, and adjust their manufacturing schedules to match consumer interest.     A very exciting application of the technology to be sure.

Back to TheBarCodeNews™ .   We are devoting time and attention to both the traditional barcode industry as well as the 2D and mobile barcode industry.   This will continue in 2011.   Thanks to you, our readers,  our site has grown dramatically this past year.   I know we must be doing some things right, but I’d like to know what else we can do to deliver exactly what you want and need.    Are the barcode app reviews useful?  Do you want to see more product reviews or more industry news or make a suggestion?  Let us know. Have an idea?  Email it to us at  info [at]

Thank you for your continued support – and have a wonderful holiday season.

Craig Aberle


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