QR Codes Pave the Road to Fame

qr codes on headshotsThe QR Code is the New Leave-Behind in Hollywood

It's tough to make an impression in Hollywood, what with every other Tom, Dick and Mercedes trying to make one, too. Headshotbox.com has teamed up with Paperlinks to provide a simple way to add QR codes to leave-behinds; giving aspiring actors and models a new way to 'leave their mark' around town.

Headshotbox.com is an off-shoot of Charlie Chan Printing, a family-owned commercial printing company that has been a fixture in Los Angeles since 1969. The site gives actors and models the ability to print high-end and affordable headshots and business cards.

The introduction of Paperlinks technology to Headshotbox.com allows a Paperlink (QR code) to be added to any headshot or business card created through the Headshotbox site. A "Paperlink" is a customized Quick Response (QR) barcode that can be scanned with a smartphone to direct casting directors and other Headshotbox card recipients to additional multimedia content.

By using a Paperlink, actors and models have the option of adding interactive "bonus material" such as a film reel, bio, additional headshots, and more. A Paperlink may be added to any Headshotbox headshot or business card so that actors, models, agents and even small businesses can create compelling leave-behinds. Recipients can scan Paperlinked headshots with the free Paperlinks iPhone app to quickly access the additional content.

"In Hollywood, it is all about setting yourself apart," said Allison McAtee, an actress who has appeared on numerous television shows such as Life, CSI, CSI: Miami and Castle and can be seen next in Showtime's Californication. "With Paperlinks, I'll be able to add my reel and additional photos to the headshots I leave with studios and casting directors. Paperlinked headshots and business cards will give me an edge by helping me stand out to advance my acting career."

hollywood2"Paperlink-enabled headshots and business cards are the perfect complement to the entertainment industry where actors and models are continually looking for new ways to make themselves stand out," said Hamilton Chan, Paperlinks CEO and founder. "By utilizing real-world QR-enabled links, actors can quickly turn a paper photo into a digital experience that better communicates who they are and what they can do. Also, an actor greatly benefits from only having to carry around a small business card that links to high-quality photos and a video reel, rather than having to lug around their 8x10 headshots everywhere they go."

To create a Paperlink-enabled headshot or business card, customers simply visit www.Headshotbox.com. For a small fee, actors, models and small business owners have the option to add a Paperlink to their orders. Upon checkout, customers will be directed to an easy-to-use site to add photos, a video and more, and to connect that content with the Paperlink on their new cards.

"In addition to cards and headshots, the ability to place a QR code on any physical item in the world carries obvious advantages for individuals, consumers and businesses," continued Chan. "In the coming months, we'll be unveiling additional Paperlinks applications that enable everyone to create an added digital layer of fun and interactivity to their lives."

Since launching in October, the Paperlinks iPhone app has had more than 30,000 downloads and was recently featured as the #1 New & Noteworthy free app in the iTunes store.

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