Sell Cars with QR Codes: The New Physical/Digital Age


Have you seen this QR code sticker in traffic yet?

A New-York based website, allows you to sell, rent or share your car through the use of well-placed QR Codes. uses clean design and QR code stickers to allow users to sell, rent or share their vehicles directly. After inputting your car's information, the site generates a QR code “sticker” that you can then place on your car.  Scanning the QR code resolves to a well-designed webpage that displays vehicle information, pictures as well as the owner's contact information. The owner can be contacted by a potential buyer directly for further negotiation.

If you happen to see the sticker on a car that catches your eye in traffic and can't hop out to scan the QR code, you can simply make a note of the license plate number and input it into the website. has tapped into the true essence and power of the QR code—it's ability to strike balance between the physical and the digital. While barcode scanning on our smartphones may, at first glance, seem like another step toward a world ruled by technology, in reality it adds a healthy dose of humanity back into our lives. It can allow us to access information about objects to which we are in close physical proximity.

Imagine seeing a car for sale in real life, then going to look for it on the internet. Make sense to me. As we continue to utilize QR codes and RFID to connect person to object we may actually find ourselves free to get up and roam about the cabin, if you will. This technology promises to merge our physical and digital realms in a way that will allow us to leave our computer screens while maintaining a connection to the information upon which we've become so dependent.


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