Go Green and Save Green With Plastic RFID Pallets

iGPS green RFID Pallet

iGPS Green, RFID Pallet Chosen by Kettle Brand Chips

Kettle Brand® Chips has begun shipping its products throughout the U.S. on iGPS' all-plastic pallets with embedded RFID tags. iGPS operates the world's first pallet rental service providing shippers and receivers with lightweight, 100 percent recyclable all-plastic pallets with embedded RFID tags.

iGPS's highly engineered platform—the world's most advanced shipping pallet—is rapidly replacing wood as the platform of choice among the world's most innovative companies.  Businesses that switch from wood pallets to iGPS realize significant savings—as much as $2 per unitized load— because of lower transport costs, reduced production downtime, less product damage and fewer rejected loads. iGPS' pallet is also a major advance in supply chain hygiene—a platform that is easily cleaned, will not absorb fluids that can lead to contamination and never requires treatment with toxic pesticides and fungicides.

The ability to tag a pallet with RFID is a major breakthrough in product traceability. Each iGPS pallet contains four redundant Gen 2 RFID tags embedded in its frame. All tags are readable in three ways— via RFID, barcode or alphanumerically. Each pallet carries a unique serial number that is tracked throughout the supply chain, reducing administrative costs and facilitating billing reconciliation. No extra charge is assessed for use of RFID.

An independent life cycle analysis has documented that iGPS' solution is dramatically better for the environment than both one-way and multi-use wood pallets.  Launched in March 2006, the company has created nearly 2,000 new green jobs in the U.S. and is led by pallet and supply chain veterans with decades of experience.

Kettle Brand® Chips, a company that pioneered the kettle-cooked style back in 1978, is the latest proponent of the iGPS platform.

"Our decision to switch to iGPS was based on our desire to upgrade the quality of pallet carrying our products and to utilize a more environmentally sustainable solution than wood," said Joe Iagulli, Vice President of Supply Chain for Kettle Brand. "iGPS' solution fulfills both of our objectives, and we know that our retail partners will appreciate this value enhancement to our supply chain."

Other companies that have adopted this new, green, RFID pallet include: ConAgra Foods, Sunny Delight Beverage Company, Nirvana Natural Spring Water and Ken's Foods Inc. According to the iGPS website, their customers have collectively saved almost $80 million.


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