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Seagull_Web_Print_Server_Upgraded_small_finalNews that Seagull Scientific has released version 9.3 of BarTender Web Print Server (WPS) has just been released. This web application, originally introduced with the release of BarTender version 8.0 in 2007, allows users to select and print BarTender label formats from within web browsers instead of BarTender. The many enhancements announced by Seagull are those listed below.

ActiveX No Longer Required for Internet Printing

When using a printer connected by LAN or WAN to the WPS server, WPS has always supported print requests from a variety of browsers running on different hardware platforms and operating systems. Seagull refers to this as "Standard Windows Printing." Until now, however, printing over the internet (instead of a LAN or WAN) required that the client be a Windows PC running Internet Explorer and ActiveX. It also required that Windows printer drivers be installed on the client PC, but not anymore. Now you just connect to the Web Print Server web page, view and select your desired labels, and start printing.

The new version of WPS now supports Internet Printing using many more operating systems, browsers, and driver options for clients, including:

  • Printer Drivers Now Optional - Using the new Direct-to-port Internet Printing option, you no longer need to have a printer driver installed on the client. Instead, the print code can be routed directly through the browser to the printer port.

  • New Java Client-side Print Module – Seagull’s long-established ActiveX Client-side Print Module is still provided and supported. However, a Java Client-side Print Module is now offered as well, providing support for a wider variety of browsers and operating systems.

  • Support for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari Browsers – The new Java Client-side Print Module enables support for additional browsers besides just Internet Explorer. This includes Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. (See white paper for details.)

  • Support for Linux and Mac OS X Clients - Internet Printing is now supported using Linux and Apple Macintosh OS X clients in addition to Windows clients.

“Having been the very first company to produce Windows printer drivers for label printers, we continue to be strongly invested in the success of Windows,” said Jeremy Seigel, CEO of Seagull Scientific. “But we understand and appreciate that today’s enterprise software users need better multi-platform support. With our new Java-based web printing client, users can now view, select and print label jobs from just about any browser and operating system -- all without having to write a single line of code or even configure an integration process.”

Version 9.3 of WPS now also supports additional forms controls, including checkboxes, radio buttons, and more list controls.

Although BarTender Web Print Server is free, it requires use of the Enterprise Automation edition of BarTender on the web server. (WPS now uses the same version number as the version of BarTender it is designed to work with.)

For Additional Information

Additional information is available at the following links:

Web Print Server white paper:

 Web Print Server download page (WPS requires use of the Enterprise Automation edition of BarTender. Alternatively, you can use it with the Trial Edition of BarTender for 30 days.):

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