Barcode Scanning Carfax App Benefits Dealers

carfax barcode scan

While barcode scanning may not be the primary focus of your favorite app, you may find it playing a contextual role in it's functionality.

Carfax has just announced the launch of a new mobile app that utilizes barcode scanning. The mobile app (free in the App Store) is for dealers. It provides mobile access to Carfax Vehicle History Reports. Dealers can run Carfax Reports using their existing Carfax account to evaluate used cars anytime, anywhere with an iPhone or other Apple mobile device.

"The free 'Carfax for Dealers' iPhone app is just what our business needed," said Justin Villa, pre-owned sales manager with David McDavid Automotive in Irving, Tex. "We downloaded it the day it came out and already we're saving a ton of time evaluating cars. It's helping us win at auction and evaluate a customer's trade faster. After all, time is money."

Running Carfax Reports is a key component to many dealer's acquisition processes. Users start by scanning the vehicle barcode or manually entering the 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN) to run the Carfax Report. Any vehicle run through the 'Carfax for Dealers' app is automatically added to the dealer's inventory manager at Carfax Reports are saved for up to 30 days and dealers can mark vehicles they're most interested in as favorites within the app.

"We've always been quick to embrace new technology to help maintain our competitive edge," said Michael Townsend, used sales manager at Townsend Honda in Tuscaloosa, Ala. "When we heard about the new 'Carfax for Dealers' app, we went and got it immediately. The app is fast and makes appraising cars easy. It's my new favorite tool on my phone."

Free access to Carfax Reports is also available through apps from several wireless technology providers. Dealers looking for additional pricing and product integration functionality can visit:

"Our customers tell us how important immediate access to Carfax Reports is to their success, especially at acquisition," said Larry Gamache, communications director at Carfax. "The 'Carfax for Dealers' app now puts the power of this information in the palm of your hand. And, you can run as many reports as you need through the app if you're on the Unlimited Carfax Reports Program for dealers."

According to Carfax, an Android version of the 'Carfax for Dealers' app is coming soon.


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