Expanding the Knowledge Base of AIDC Technologies

Dilling Fund RecipientsWhile at times it may seem as though technology is advanced by marketers, it is still in fact, the academicians who make the strides.

AIM, the international association and recognized authority on barcode, RFID, and enterprise mobile computing, and the Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc. (MHEFI), based in Charlotte, NC, have just released the names of the 2011 recipients of the Dilling Fund Grants.  Each of the ten professors from across the United States will receive a grant to attend Ohio University’s 23rd Automatic Identification and Data Capture Technical Institute (AIDCTI), held July 15-19 in Athens, Ohio.

The Dilling Fund was established as a memorial by members of MHIA (of which AIM was an Industry Group) to honor the memory of Richard R. Dilling, a founder of AIM and technology innovator.  Dilling’s contributions to both the Industry and the Foundation resulted in the advancement of education in the science. The Richard R. Dilling Memorial is utilized to provide scholarships and grants to individuals studying at MHEFI pre-qualified institutions with the goal of entering the Auto ID field or to advance the knowledge of academics in the technology.

The 2011 recipients are:

  • Fola Michael Ayokanmbi, Alabama A&M University

  • Michael Baswell, Tennessee Technological University

  • Robert Boostrom, University of Wisconsin

  • Janet Dong, University of Cincinnati

  • Ali Kashef, University of Northern Iowa

  • Charles Kochakian, Merrimack College

  • Robert Meisner, University of Wisconsin

  • Geoffrey Peter, Oregon Institute of Technology Portland Center

  • Pedro Reyes, Baylor University

  • Arif Sirinterlikci, Robert Morris University

MHEFI and AIM say that they are proud to support the AIDCTI by providing financial assistance for these educators, allowing them to attend the 2011 session.  MHEFI and AIM share a common mission — to expand the knowledge base of AIDC technologies for both the business and consumer communities by educating college and university faculty and assisting them in developing AIDC programs for their institutions.

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