The Naked Truth about QR Codes


I am a firm believer in the QR Code as an effective gateway to information. I take it's widespread adoption as evidence that other people feel the same. But lately, I've been subjected to conflicting opinions regarding the true growth and efficacy of QR Code campaigns. Everybody has an opinion. The nature of opinions, however, is such that they are derived most often from limited empirical evidence collected from someone's personal microcosm. The problem being that personal microcosms are biased by definition.   

So last night, I was intrigued when an email arrived from Mobio Identity Systems, Inc. containing a report called The Naked Facts, a comprehensive report on QR code adoption and use in North America. The report is simply a snapshot of data pulled directly from their servers, showing the last 6 months of 2010. The facts are presented in a clear, no nonsense fashion so that the reader may draw his own conclusions. Looking at the report, not much interpretation is necessary. Clearly QR code use is catching on—like wildfire.mobio

The report From July to December 2010, QR code scans increased by 1200%, peaking in November with 64% of all scans being performed by women. While increases occurred in all age brackets the 35-44 segment is the largest. Most scans (77%) are occurring digitally—from social media and TV.

A 1200% increase is difficult for even the most stalwart naysayer to ignore. The report also confirms a long-standing suspicion of mine that QR codes, Facebook and Twitter are involved in a deeply complicated love triangle. I predict that as the QR code continues to flex its muscles as a gateway to information, companies will catch on. New ways to leverage the technology will be discovered and the total number of scans will continue to grow. That is my interpretation. Read the report here and develop your own.

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