Connecting Mobile Barcodes, Market Research and Apps

mobilescanIt's clear that a relationship exists between mobile barcode scanning (mobile anything, really) and market research. Not so clear is how to leverage this relationship. Kinesis Survey Technologies, a leader in future-proof market research solutions aims to demystify the connection with Kinesis MobileScan™, a multi-function mobile research application (“app”) with embedded barcode scanning technology. Development of the app corresponds with the company's commitment to advancing innovation in both web and wireless research.

The app can be licensed to market research firms. It provides a built-in mobile barcode scanner that captures purchase data for point-of-sale diaries and other purchase-reporting research. All barcode information (product brand, type, size) plus geolocation and timestamp information is collected. Barcode scanning technology enables the automatic capture of product information in real-time. Collecting purchase data in the moment enables feedback that is not affected by lag-time bias or delayed influences, and therefore provides more reliable research data, particularly for impulse items that do not track well in other types of research.

“The ability to report purchases in the moment via barcode scanning enables more immediate and accurate tracking of purchase patterns, and therefore provides more reliable research results,” said Kinesis CTO Juha Vehnia. “Since barcode scanning cannot be facilitated via a mobile web browser, a downloadable app is the ideal mechanism to deliver this highly valuable technology to the research community. Its potential to improve point-of-purchase research is immense, and Kinesis is proud to offer this innovative solution.”

Of course, the app has been developed to work seamlessly with the Kinesis Survey™ and Kinesis Panel™ solutions. In addition to barcode scanning, the app provides other functional options including panelist registration, survey access, community interaction, digital image/video/audio and text collection, and in-app messaging to supplement or replace email and SMS communications. Research companies can select from among the functional options and add customized branding to create a robust mobile app that supports their research objectives. It is compatible with Apple iPhone/iPod devices, and Kinesis facilitates the app approval process with Apple’s App Store. An Android-compatible version of Kinesis MobileScan™ is planned for release later this year.

“The development of smartphone apps with customized research functionality is unquestionably the next frontier in mobile research,” Vehnia added. “Kinesis intends to expand the functionality of Kinesis MobileScan™ as well as develop additional smartphone apps to further broaden market research practices.  Kinesis will maintain its place as the global leader in mobile software solutions for the market research industry.”

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