Farmland Takes 2D Codes to the Gym

farmland hits the gymLongevity is directly proportional to adaptability, especially in the current rough economy. Adaptation necessitates innovation. Rather than shooting extra advertising dollars from the hip, or worse, throwing out the advertising budget altogether, smart companies are seeking out fresh, targeted ways to market their products. More and more, this includes the use of QR codes (2D barcodes) in advertising to provide extra, interactive content to consumers. 

Continuing their reputation as being one of the nation's most progressive and innovative dairies, Farmland Dairies launches a new campaign on March 1 aimed directly at the health conscious consumer. To reach this market they've enlisted Health Club Media Network (HCMN), the U.S. market leader in the field of health club advertising and marketing.

"Our company is always looking for innovative ways to reach active and health-conscious adults while measurably impacting Skim Plus sales," said Stephen Raiola, marketing and merchandising manager for Farmland Dairies.  "The size and quality of clubs in the HCMN network, particularly in the New York DMA, is the perfect environment for us to reach our consumer audience and engage with them."

The two month-campaign created by New Jersey-based Linett and Harrison, focuses on Farmland Dairies' Skim Plus Fat Free Milk, featuring the tagline "Mouthwatering (not watery)". The campaign will appear on HCMN panels featuring QR codes that allow consumers to scan the image with their mobile phones for instant product information as well as details on how to get free product samples of Skim Plus Fiber or Skim Plus with Omega-3. Panels will also feature tear-off, instant redeemable coupons (IRC) valued at $1.00 off the product.

Utilizing HCMN allows Farmland to target a specific demographic, while intelligent use of QR codes and coupons creates a cohesive and timely campaign.

"While consumers are at the gym, they are focused on their health and wellness and therefore a highly captive audience for products that fit their healthy lifestyles," said Richard Hirsch, EVP, Health Club Media Network. "This combination creates the perfect storm for CPG brands, who turn to HCMN's network for consumer interaction and high redemption rates from couponing."

Conceptually advertising remains fairly static: define your audience, determine the best mode of delivery, create a cohesive, intelligent campaign. But doing what has always been done is not always the answer. Finding extraordinary ways to execute the ordinary is the challenge; making good use of new technology like QR codes is a good start.

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