RFID for Your Jewelry Store

RFID for Jewelry StoresJewelry store owners are always seeking a better way to track their inventory and collect data about it. With the right data, the inventory itself can reveal valuable insights that lead to improved store performance. The ability of RFID to provide this kind of solution is not a novel concept. However, finding affordable, easily implemented RFID can be a challenge. 

At the JA NY Winter Show for the jewelry industry, February 27 - March 1 in New York City, TJS, one of the world's best-selling RFID tracking software companies for jewelry, debuted their ZeroShrink Classic Edition, a system that claims to provide jewelers with the very insight into inventory performance that they need, starting at just $999. The ZeroShrink RFID tracking software is delivered on the TJS InSite Inventory Tracking Appliance.  The appliance is easily integrated with any POS application and supports both wired and wireless scanners and a selection of RFID tags, available from TJS.

Since 2005 TJS has been exploring more efficient inventory financing structures for the gold jewelry industry, using RFID to improve certainty about the location, authenticity and ownership of jewelry items. In early 2006, TJS rolled out its inventory tracking platform to a retail jeweler in Dubai and has since expanded into the world's leading RFID software for jewelry. With the right RFID software, organizations can achieve complete inventory visibility, easily and accurately.

"Jewelers have always wanted a much faster, more accurate method to count and gather data about their inventory.  At the same time, they wanted a system that works with their existing POS applications," said Adrian Prezioso, CTO at TJS.  "TJS ZeroShrink Classic Edition meets those needs.  The product enables scanning hundreds of items in seconds and is designed to integrate with any inventory management software.  It is capable of managing and communicating the new wealth of inventory data that RFID brings to POS applications, providing show-to-sale ratios, accurate inventory and on-demand reconciliation."

ZeroShrink is integrated with popular POS applications, including those offered by BCI, DCIT, InCom, QuickBooks and SWIM.


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