Will RFID help stabilize gas prices?

Logiboxx GPS/RFID system allows oil companies to monitor oil pipelines.

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My family is preparing to take a 2-day road trip.  Anyone who thinks that packing a 2 and 5-year old into a car and heading from Florida to Northwestern PA in early March is a crazy idea, well I heartily agree with you.  And as luck would have it, gas prices rose by at least fifty cents over the last two weeks.  My husband thinks this is a great excuse to talk me into squeezing into our 1997 Geo Metro like a bunch of sardines, but I’m not that crazy.  I’ll stick with my Vue, thank you, and focus on the $600 we are already saving by driving instead of flying.

You don’t have to be taking a 1200 mile car trip to get perturbed at a fifty cent hike in gas prices.  So I think most will agree with me that any prospective technology for helping to stabilize the fluctuation in the oil market is a welcome thing.

EarthSearch Communications, Inc., a subsidiary of East Coast Diversified Corporation (OTCBB: ECDC), has created a solution that may do just that very thing by allowing oil companies and countries to monitor oil pipelines using sensor technology along with their proprietary integrated GPS/RFID system, called “LogiBoxx.”  The LogiBoxx is deployed along the pipelines, and communicates with sensor based RIFD tags to allow for remote monitoring of the lines.  This means that any tampering, attempts to tap into the pipeline, or breakage of the pipeline, will send an alert by sensor technology via radio frequency to EarthSearch’s Logiboxx.  The solar powered technology which uses GSM network for communication, offers to be a plausible solution even for remote areas of the world.

"One only need to look at the turmoil in the world, to understand the need to protect oil distribution lines, the market fluctuation in oil pricesLogiboxx, RFID, RFID/GPS, oil pipeline monitoring, gas prices are causing havoc on the world economy," says CEO of EarthSearch, Kayode Aladesuyl.  He describes common problems such as theft and pipeline breakage in countries such as Nigeria, and says they have already begun to market the solution to the oil and gas companies in these areas.  He goes on to explain their strategy of focusing on emerging markets, such as Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.  He believes that they will benefit by positioning themselves to compete in these markets, which “represent the fastest growth areas in the world’s economy over the next decades.”

Logiboxx, RFID, GATIS, RFID/GPS, oil pipeline monitoring, gas pricesA complete LogiBoxx Certified Solution begins with the LogiBoxx, an intelligent integrated RFID/GPS device.  The GATIS web-based software (Global Asset Tracking Identification System) acts as the middleware  (similar to how an operating system allows us to effectively use a computer), offering LogiBoxx visibility to the operations center.  LogiBoxx Certified RFID readers and antennas, all communicate wirelessly with the LogiBoxx, enabling companies to track the direction in which a tagged asset may be moving.

RFID technology has made vast improvements for many industries, from healthcare, to hotels, to nuclear plants.  EarthSearch’s Logiboxx solution appears to be RFID’s breakthrough for the oil field, and will hopefully bring some much-needed stability to the oil market, and ultimately what we pay out at the pump.  In that respect, it might even make family road trips to Northern PA in early March slightly less painful.

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