Thwapr Mobile Videos Now Support QR Codes

tagMobile videos are arguably one of the most compelling brand uses for 2D barcode campaigns. That's why the recent announcement from Thwapr, Inc., comes as no big surprise. Thwapr is a cloud-based mobile video sharing service that enables brands to mobilize and monetize content while delivering the highest possible quality, branded video and best user experience across any carrier or device.

"As part of our mission to mobilize any marketing channel, we have added support for QR codes as a way for marketers to reach customers and fans with branded video content on their phones," said Bruce Goldstein, CEO of Thwapr. "We have an agnostic philosophy: Thwapr can work with any brand, carrier, tag reader, marketing channel, Web or mobile platform to deliver video to phones. Our solution is light, easy to implement and extremely cost effective."

The biggest challenge in the execution of a QR code campaign, is not the implementation of the codes themselves, it is designing the code's content. A well-executed mobile video is a good solution that can mean positive, expansive brand exposure-- lucky companies may even see their videos go viral, the holy grail of mobile marketing.

Thwapr is the only video solution that can deliver high quality video to more than 300 different types of phones including 50

QRcode thwaprdifferent BlackBerry models, 40 types of Samsung phones, iPhones and more. Additionally, Thwapr can work with any of the most popular QR code tag readers and code generators such as AT&T's Code Scanner, Microsoft's Tag Reader, Nokia's Symbian barcode reader and Android's ZXing barcode scanner, among more than 50 others tag reader apps.

"We can integrate video with any QR code partner, while respecting the quality and aesthetics of a brand through the delivery of video across mobile devices," Leigh Newsome, SVP of product for Thwapr.

The most important component of any mobile campaign is sharing. If users can't share the content you've given them, the content dies in their phone. Allowing users to effortlessly share content further enhances the brand because each shared video is 'endorsed' by the person who shared it. That endorsement carries weight with the sharer's friends. Thwapr strives to make mobile video sharing easy to use for both users and brands, empowering users to get their moments moving and enables brands to mobilize and monetize content, extending distribution reach while delivering the highest possible quality and user experience regardless of device, network or carrier.


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