Enter the ScanCap, The Next Generation of QR Code


Is the ScanCap the Next Big Thing?

Anybody who wants one can obtain a 2D barcode for free these days (by clicking here, for instance), but Scanbuy, one of the major players in the physical to digital game, isn't letting this affect monetization. The company's ScanLife® solution consists of a mobile application, Code Registry, Code Clearing House and Code Management Platform. Media companies and marketers use the solution to create and manage measurable 2D barcode campaigns— tasks which the modern, savvy marketer could manage without outside assistance.

A new partnership, however, empowers Scanbuy to earn revenue based upon the location of the QR code. The company has just announced that Closure Systems International (CSI) has adopted Scanbuy Inc.’s ScanLife 2D Barcode solution, for beverage and food closure development. CSI has developed a new solution called ScanCapTM, which uses 2D barcodes, for application either inside or outside of a closure. Putting the 2D code directly onto the product will, theoretically, support a brand owner’s mobile marketing activities right from the package itself.

The information released states that the solution leverages a unique code which can be printed as small as ¼” and can be read instantly with the ScanLife app. This writer remains skeptical about both the visibility and ease of scan of such a small 2D code, but is confident that if anybody can make it happen, it is Scanbuy.

CSI has conducted internal testing to verify that the tiny 2D codes can be printed on a variety of closure substrates and sizes, but has yet to secure a global brand owner partner for initial market testing. I find it fascinating that in this industry the solution is not predicated by demand, but I have no doubt that before long we will be seeing tiny QR codes on bottle caps.

This technology allows beverage and food companies to capture instant access to their consumers at the point of consumption, influencing purchase behavior and increasing brand loyalty. “Mobile marketing to today’s technology-connected, on-the-go consumer is a critical part of consumer package goods company growth strategy,” said John Grainda, CSI Global Marketing Director.  “With ScanCap, a quick scan of a 2D barcode on a closure, using a web-enabled cell phone camera, takes the consumer directly to content related to a company’s products, promotions, loyalty programs, or other valuable links, without the need to input alphanumeric codes.”

The ScanCap is the logical next step in the 2D barcode timeline. Let us not forget that behind that sexy 2D barcode, it's scintillating, interactive content, and warm and fuzzy brand engagement lies that-which-shall-not-be-named: data collection. Every scan delivers rich consumer demographic, location, and usage data to brand owners. While this may be frightening to the conspiracy theorists among us, it does allow brands to deliver customized content, like localized or loyalty messaging, in real-time based on the scan. After all, one man's creepy is another man's cool.

“It’s very simple and quick access for consumers, and the connection allows a brand owner to establish a direct interface with the actual user of the product,” said Grainda.


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