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While many of us are familiar with the benefits of QR Codes for marketing, their inherent power lies in the ability to contain information. For this reason, they are useful across multiple industries in different applications. Identification software, for example.

Jolly Technologies develops and distributes a suite of secure identification software products, including ID Flow, the world's top identification software, Lobby Track visitor/entry tracking software, access control software, and a variety of other custom security products. The company has just announced support for QR codes across its entire product line : Lobby Track, ID Flow, Asset Track and Label Flow.

Information about a person or an item from a database record is embedded in the QR code, printed on ID cards, badges or labels and read by QR code readers and smart phones. The decoded information can be displayed on-screen or used to automatically populate forms. Jolly envisions popular uses of the technology will be for ID verification, ticketing, tradeshows, and other applications that benefit from the fast transfer of personal information.

“With the emergence of useful barcode scanner applications on smart phones, support for QR codes has become a popular request,” said Brett Changus, VP Engineering at Jolly. “Improving our products by listening to customer requests has always been a guiding principle at Jolly and we’re pleased to be able to deliver QR code today.”

In other barcode-related developments, Lobby Track now supports sending registration confirmation e-mails with barcodes. When a visitor or attendee is pre-registered in Lobby Track, a confirmation e-mail is generated and sent to the visitor with the visit details and a barcode to be used for fast check-in.

An updated version of the software with QR Code functionality will be available in the next scheduled release expected later this spring and available to all supported customers at no additional charge.

While to the masses, the QR code has become a gateway to entertainment, it should be remembered that it has inherent power outside the realm of brand management. The possibilities for improving operations with QR codes are infinite.

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