RFID Journal Live! This Week in Orlando

rfidjournalThis week we celebrate RFID, as the 9th Annual RFID JOURNAL LIVE! Conference comes to Orlando, Florida, April 12-14. The RFID industry is expanding and gaining mainstream traction as companies in every industry are realizing they can cut costs, boost efficiencies and enhance customer service with radio frequency identification (RFID). At RFID JOURNAL LIVE! attendees can learn just how this is accomplished.

RFID Journal LIVE! 2011 is the only event where you can learn how to use RFID technologies to improve your business from real-world case studies shared by leaders across all industries. Industry leaders from around the world come together to share experiences, learn what works and meet the leading experts at this important RFID event.

The Conference aims to teach attendees how-to:

Achieve hard dollar savings: RFID can be used to cut costs or increase sales by tens—or even hundreds—of thousands of dollars each year.

Avoid costly mistakes: RFID is a relatively new technology. Determining the best technology to use and the right vendors to partner with can be a challenge.

Learn best practices: Only RFID Journal is able to attract top-name end users willing to share their best practices. Avoid wasting time and money on a trial-and-error approach, and begin with a deployment strategy that will work.

Invest wisely: There are plenty of RFID solutions that appear impressive but either don't work or are ultimately technological dead ends. Learn which technologies represent the wisest investments over the long term.

Get the strategic insights needed for a long-term approach to RFID: The key to a successful RFID strategy is to align your use of the technology with your company's long-term goals. Only RFID Journal shows you how to do that—whether your goal is cutting costs, fostering customer relationships or improving service.

Solve real business problems: RFID Journal understands the particular problems companies face, so we recruit objective end users who can explain how they solved similar problems, learn what works and what doesn't.

Be recognized as an industry leader: RFID is going to be a critical technology in retail, manufacturing, supply-chain and many other operations in the near future. Understanding adoption trends in your industry, and how RFID can bring both incremental and transformational changes to your business, will make you a key contributor, as well as enhance your value to your organization and position your company as a leader in the eyes of the investment community.

The Conference consists of:

• More than 100 educational sessions
• More than 50 powerful end-user case studies
• More than 175 RFID technology providers with real business solutions
• 8 industry-specific and how-to conference tracks
• 8 targeted preconference seminars
• 2 co-located events
• The 2011 RFID Journal Awards
• RFID-Enabled Supply Chains
• Apparel Supply Chain Demo

and Much More.

RFID technology is evolving rapidly, with new solutions and technological advances being introduced every week. RFID Journal LIVE! Provides an outlet where you can see them all; it's the only event that attracts RFID solutions providers exhibiting active, passive, W-Fi, and sensors.

Check back here to The Barcode News for coverage of this exciting event.


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RFID—It's not Rocket Science, or is it?