Barcode Scanning Apps Still Save You Money


Barcode Scanning Apps Continue to be Effective Money-Savers

The barcode shopping app bandwagon may be cooling in the stables, but the stand-out apps, the ones that are really useful, continue to develop. For example, one of the leaders in the mobile shopping assistant field, ShopSavvy, continues to make other apps more useful through the licensing of its barcode scanner. Licensees include: Sam's Club, Consumer Reports, PriceGrabber, FastMall and CNET.

The latest licensee, Aerende, has incorporated the ShopSavvy barcode scanner in the latest release of Shopping List and Price Book.

Rising gas prices and a slow economy have created a need for frugality tools. It is not uncommon for people to shop at 3 or more neighboring grocery stores in a single trip in order to get the best prices on everyday items. Apps like Shopping List and Price Book, a popular personal finance application, make it possible to keep track of pricing from store to store. Adding barcode functionality significantly increases its usability.

"ShopSavvy's barcode scanner is the fastest and most accurate available, which is why brands like Consumer Reports have chosen it for their shopping apps," said James Testa, president of Aerende. "It will add significant value to the Shopping List and Price Book app."

The Shopping List and Price Book is the newest addition to Aerende's award-winning Price Book family of apps. The app enables frugal shoppers to create shopping lists, organized by store, and create price books to record price variations over time at different retailers. Users can track target prices and sales cycles to get the best deal on electronics, groceries and other items.

"Price books are a popular tool among frugal consumers, and this app serves that niche well," said Alexander Muse, CEO and co-founder of ShopSavvy. "We look forward to being part of Aerende's continued growth and success."

Aerende joins more than 200 brands and developers who have licensed ShopSavvy's ScannerKit SDK to utilize the ShopSavvy barcode scanner. As part of the licensing agreement, Aerende will utilize ShopSavvy's AdOns® platform to deliver "hyper-relevant" deals, promotions, warranty offers, and other UPC/GPS-targeted content to consumers.

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