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QRCodefor Barcode websiteBy now we've all seen, if not scanned, a QR code. But did you know that you don't need to be a corporate conglomerate to benefit from them in business or in life?

The QR code has become widely recognized as an effective and innovative communication tool. Capable of marrying the physical with the digital, these 2D codes provide compelling reasons and applications for implementation. However, while QR code scans rise exponentially (increasing 1200% in Q4 of 2010), many people are unaware of how easily they can be created and utilized for personal or small business use.

The free QR Code Generator can be used to create multiple types of codes. The most popular code resolve is to contact information. Making a QR code on is easy. Simply type your information into the fields provided and the Generator will produce a QR code that when scanned by any Android or iPhone smartphone will automatically populate the contact information in the phone's interface, adding it to the scanner's address book. This type of QR code is often seen incorporated into business cards. Another popular QR code created by the Generator stores the SSID, password and network type for a WiFi connection. Other types of QR codes created by the Generator include those that resolve to a phone number, email address or URL. All that is required to create any of these codes is typing information into the field provided and clicking a button.

“Part of our mission at The BarCode News is to make the industry accessible to those outside of it. The free QR Code Generator offers our readers a free and easy way to explore the technology and experiment with QR code applications in their own lives. This is not your father's barcode, relegated to packaging and libraries, it is a powerful and accessible tool that can be used by anyone to improve communication, productivity, organization-- the applications are unlimited. We encourage our readership to use the Generator and discover how barcodes can improve their lives.” says Craig Aberle, President, The BarCode News.

The BarCode News also offers a free 1D Barcode Generator.

We invite you to explore the free barcode generators and discover how barcodes can affect your world.myaddycode


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