QR Code Growth: Astounding Naked Facts Released

qr-scanning-growth-whiplashSpike in QR code growth since last year.

Fasten your seatbelts because you’re about to be hit by some hard, naked facts. Mobio has mined its servers for Q1 2011 data and has released a report even more jarring than the last.  Evidence of increased QR code growth is everywhere; magazines, television, the internet, but each of us is only privy to our own experience. Mobio’s report provides a big-picture view that is as astounding as it is exciting.

The report shows that QR scanning traffic increased 4549% since Q1 2010. Driving this increase in part is a rising number of consumers with scanning capability. Consumers who added QR scanning capabilities during Q1 2011 increased nearly 10 fold versus new users added in Q1 2010. That is an increase of 938%. Exposure and familiarity with QR barcodes, driven by big brand advertising is the leading cause in user registration.

The success of large campaigns like Calvin Klein’s is also a factor driving these numbers: “It was very successful and you will see QR codes continue to be integrated into ourupcoming campaigns.” stated Jennifer Crawford, VP of Corporate Communications, Calvin Klein, New York.

The leading age demographic continues to be the 35-44 year old crowd, however The 55+ age bracket is showed significant growth at 13% versus 11% in December 2010.

Women continue to dominate QR code scanning (68%), and have increased their dominance since 2H 2010 by 5%. As a group, they show a higher interest in the ease of collecting information on products and services, entering contests, and making purchases using their

Receiving information on a product or service remains the leading scan resolve. However, although payment scans only represent 6%, they have grown 256% from Q1 2010 to Q1 2011.
It would appear that on the whole people are becoming more comfortable with making payments from their smartphone.

Those are the facts right in front of you, naked and vulnerable. Draw your own conclusions.
The full report contains more naked facts. You can download it here

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