Improving on QR Code Technology

qr codes on for sale signsWho will build the best bridge?

QR Codes and For Sale Signs were practically built for each other. A QR Code on a For Sale sign take the place of the damp, curled piece of paper offering more information. It never runs out, it looks better, and it doesn’t get thrown away. In real estate, the need for expanded information from a single, physical point of contact is palpable. Over this last period of exponential growth, the QR code industry has pointed out the power of bridging the gap between the physical and the digital. Keen on that power, companies are now seeking to build a better bridge. What better place to start, but real estate?

New Jersey company, Mattsonmaps  has just announced the launch of RealQR®—a next generation application for QR code use in real estate.

Company president Mark Mattson speaks to the benefits of RealQR®. "We love what brokers are doing with QR codes in the real estate market. At the same time, we see enormous opportunities surrounding the development of advanced systems that move beyond the simple show-and-tell applications that are now being employed. In our opinion, enriched implementations of QR codes involve the development of user interfaces that open gateways to property listings that can be queried and revealed as comparable and mappable objects. RealQR® not only tells buyers about what they are looking at, it tells them about what they might also like to see. It shows them comparable properties in comparable neighborhoods. In so much as this is the case, RealQR® not only serves the buyer. It also enriches the broker as an invaluable data mine of buyer preferences and desired locations."

As a company, Mattsonmaps develops software for destination marketing organizations and affinity markets. Mattson explains the leap into real estate by saying, "The real estate market is a natural evolution for our software. In both real estate and tourism, users seek information about points of interest at destinations. The only difference is that users are buying one set of points and viewing others. Everything else on a database and programming level is absolutely identical."

Mattsonmaps is seeking five beta partners to transition its travel software to real estate. Mattson is confident in its ability to do so and predicts success, they are willing to extend limited licenses to anyone who wants to work together to make this initiative a reality in the market.

The onslaught of the QR code has opened a new world of information; connecting physical objects with mobile web. In its current iteration, the technology is only tapping the surface of this connection’s power. Companies like Mattsonmaps are aware of the treasure trove that exists if we just dig a little deeper into the physical/digital connection.

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