New Mobile ID Scanner Aids Bars & Nightclubs

Tokenworks creates cutting-edge technology by integrating membership and rewards functionality with ID checking tool

gi_72964_id scanner touch  408 325The new ID Scanner from Tokenworks offers a solution for venues like bars and nightclubs that need top of the line tools for age verification as well as customer relationship management (CRM). Fighting the war against underage drinking is important for these businesses, but so is offering a rewarding experience to their existing customers. Tokenworks not only offers a full-range of magnetic stripe and barcode ID scanners for quick and painless age verification, but has now integrated cutting-edge software for storing customer information and managing membership and rewards programs into the new IDVisor® Touch™. New functionalities for customer relations include a visit counter for each customer, email and phone capture, and advanced tagging for custom functions.

Hardware: Rugged, User-friendly, Fast and Accurate

The IDVisor Touch is built to last, with a rugged case engineered to withstand a 4-foot drop onto concrete, as well as vinyl coverying to protect from spills or splashes in the bar. Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion batteries last all night and charge quickly. The handheld scanner has a user-friendly color touch screen. It is the first scanner to integrate quad band phone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, allowing for easy connectivity between devices. The unit works right out of the box with Bluetooth keyboards for extended data input on the go.

The ID Checker scans and reads drivers' licenses and state IDs from all 50 US states and Canadian provinces, as well as US military IDs. The barcode scanner and swipe magnetic stripe reader is the same as that used in US police cruisers, promising fast and accurate reads.

Software: Integrated CRM Features, Profiles, Custom Tagging and Search

The complete redesign of Tokenworks software for the new device incorporates many industry-first customer relationship management (CRM) and membership management features. Businesses can now track customer patronage, manage membership and rewards programs, store additional customer information like email and phone, set up custom tags for VIP/Banned and searchable database using simple text queries.

The device reports the number of visits for each customer on the main screen, which helps to quickly identify new and frequent visitors. The system tagging allows the user to ban somebody right at door, or add him or her to a special VIP or customer list. Custom tags or groups can be defined directly on the ID Checker, or imported from an Excel compatible comma separated value (CSV) file. Tags can be given expiration dates, transforming the ID Scanner into a full-fledged membership system. Use custom tags to create membership levels with unique expiration dates, or ban someone for 3 months by assigning specific tags to his or her profile.

The device's touch screen keyboard, enhanced with a convenient 9-digit keypad and a list of common domains for email addresses , allow users to capture phone and email information. The customer contact information helps create powerful out-bound marketing programs like email and text message blasts. An Opt-In Privacy feature identifies which customers want to be included on email or text messaging lists. Traditional license information like name, address and date of birth are stored automatically when the drivers license is swiped. All together, the multiple list management features on the ID Checker allow promoters and bouncers to know exactly who is entering their club or event.

Industry-Leading ID Scanning Technology, capable of showing total scans for the night, and offering customized voice or vibrate alerts for underage, expired, banned, or rescanned IDs. Flexible age thresholds, from 18 to 45 years, are available for underage alcohol or tobacco warnings.

An encrypted SQL database holds up to 65,000 scans in memory. Clubs can customize how long data is saved on the ID Scanner, in order to comply with state laws pertaining to data retention limitations, as found in Utah and Nebraska. The device can be set to auto-delete data after, say, 1-day, 7-days or 30-days. Scan data and customer lists can be easily exported to a CSV file right on drivers license scanner, which can then be copied to a computer for use in Excel or any other spreadsheet program. No desktop software is required for transfer, as the device becomes a USB drive when connected to a PC.

The ID Checker offers advanced security features (strong database encryption that blocks unauthorized access), and top-tier customer support and training videos (videos can be viewed from the device itself). It is engineered and manufactured in the United States, and has a competitive pricing and upgrade program

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