Vega V-1020 Handheld 2D/1D Bar Code Scanner Sells While it Scans

handheld 2D ScannerGlobal revenue from the new wave of handheld scanners is anticipated to exceed a billion dollars this year. A few of the reasons for the rising revenue are: advances in the technology, their declining price points and sheer performance. Plus they are sexy, sleek, smooth and streamlined.

The Vega Area Imager V-1020 Series acts simultaneously as both a sales and advertising tool. So how exactly does that work? While the customer is having their transaction processed, they will be exposed to the ad that your company is running on the face of the scanner. The top cover is exchangeable, allowing you to switch out your commercial messages as desired, in a cost-effective way. The unit itself, a handheld scanner, has been ergonomically designed, is balanced, slip-resistant and stylish. The scanner will read both 1-D and 2D bar codes.

The units are available with a variety of interfaces (plus Bluetooth for your wireless needs) that will suit most every point of sale situation, including those with mobility requirements.

The Vega can handle 2D barcodes with ease, including: QR code, PDF 417 (and its Micro), the Data Matrix, Maxi Code and Aztec. It also has aggressive algorithms that can decode when the symbology in front of the scanner is found to be damaged, has distortion or overburn, or is of low contrast. The Vega can also read most one dimensional codes, or 1D, bar codes.

The Vega has been quality tested for various factors including: vibration, temperature cycle and humidity and drop tests. It passed them all with flying colors. The safety standards of the FCC and CE have also been met.

The company has a wide range of models of handheld bar code scanners with leading-edge features that offer:

  • superior reading performance
  • speed
  • ease of use
  • reliability
  • mobility
  • versatility

Check out all the cutting edge specs at

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