YouTube bar code/scanner videos for the Summer of 2011 - Part 1


When you think of a summer of 2011 article, you think of beaches and such, well at least some people do. When I was asked to put together the top Youtube videos concerning bar codes, QR codes, and scanners I figured this will be easy.  These devices are used every day all over the world.  The search began and then fear set in. The overwhelming majority of YouTube videos are cats, dogs, and humans doing silly, cute, and downright stupid things. However, I do love a challenge and after some research actually found a treasure trove of useful videos, and interesting things being done with bar codes.


1. This one is an amazing idea.  See Google’s Matt Cutts on using a USB barcode scanner and Google Books to catalog and track your book collection.


2. How Bar Codes work in one lesson. Yes, everyone sometimes needs a refresher course. A little tedious, but worth the watch.


3. ScanSource - How to connect a barcode scanner to an Apple device is one of the most asked questions that ScanSource receives.


4. How to print bar code labels using the Dymo Labelwriter, an inexpensive way to add bar codes to your products or inventory.


5. The new Datalogic Gryphon 4400 Scanner can handle reading bar codes directly off mobile devices. Everything is so aggressive with the gentleman doing the video.


Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of this article, with more useful and interesting bar code videos.

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