Penthouse Mag Barcodes the Babes, Sex Advice via QR code

In an innovative twist on QR code usage, The Girls of Penthouse magazine has created an entertaining way of using 2D bar codes. Starting this month, in "The Girls of Penthouse" magazine, readers can find a number of QR codes that, when scanned, will provide the reader more information about the girl in the story, and discounts at the online Penthouse Store ( . 

In the case of Ryan Keely, Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner Up, who writes a column on sex advice in Penthouse Forum, - 2602616scanning the QR code at the end of her column will provide tips for better sex.

Eric Danville, Managing Editor of Penthouse Forum, and The Girls of Penthouse, describes the intent: "Penthouse is looking for ways to engage the reader and bring some fun into the interactive experience of QR codes." It's a new technology and we want to bridge the gap between magazine and reader."

We first became aware of the upcoming issues several months ago, when we received a call from Penthouse asking about the creation of QR codes for the magazine. To say our interest was piqued would be an understatement.

Will the readers of Penthouse respond to the QR codes and scan them? "We won't know for a couple issues" says Danville. "Our readers enjoy new technology".

These are new and novel uses of QR code. As we see it, these are some of the most interesting ways of interacting with the reader since the invention of the scratch and sniff advertisement. There is a similar element of instant gratification. We like that!

Magazine readers should be sure to look for a message from Penthouse Pet of the Year Nikki Benz, in her pictorial, which will contain a QR code.

We salute the creativity at Penthouse and look forward to seeing more inspiring uses of bar codes in the future!

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