CashierLive iPhone Inventory Bar Code Scanner

cashierliveiphone-inventory-scannerCashierLive recently introduced a mobile iPhone app that does scanning and inventory tracking as an adjunct to their web-based POS system.   This new app makes taking inventory in a store much easier.

“Inventory counts are a major pain point for independent retailers. Before, they had to buy a dedicated device for over $1,000, pay an outside company, or have their employees use pen and paper” said Tom Greenhaw, founder of Cashier Live. “We wanted to take technology that a lot of store owners already had, an iPhone or iPod touch, and give them a tool to make inventory counts easy.”

The Retail Inventory app uses the camera to scan a product’s barcode, after which the quantity is entered. Once a product is saved in the app, the quantity on hand inside of their point-of-sale updates instantly. There is an option to export an inventory file for use with other POS software.

According to Cashier Live, their beta test stores were able to compress the time it took to conduct a manual inventory count from days to just an hour or two.

An Android version of the app is on the way, but retailers can immediately install the app from the iTunes App Store. 

Although it has just been released, CashierLive reports that it has already been downloaded over 600 times.  Downloads are running at a rate of about 40 per day.

Download the app now at, or learn more about Cashier Live’s inventory app.

About Cashier Live

Launched in 2010, Cashier Live is now a leading provider of web-based point-of-sale software for retailers. Over 3,000 retail locations use Cashier Live daily to conduct transactions, manage employees, and monitor inventory. In addition to providing software, Cashier Live provides POS hardware to a multitude of retailers ranging from antique stores to toy shops.

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